Rent2Own FAQs

Rent2Own is a new concept in asset building for corporates and individuals. Through innovative financial modeling and product sourcing, assets are transferred to the owner after a specified time of renting.

Rent2Own solution for corporates is offered after a thorough analysis of the need, business processes, business cycles and implementation needs. It is a highly customized solution that meets a specific asset need for select corporates. Click here to read the entire step-by-step process on how Rent2Own works.

Banks and financial institutions have norms and processes for providing financial support to corporates for asset building which may or may not suit some of the corporates. Rent2Own gives corporates a comprehensive solution including procurement, sourcing, delivery and maintenance

In renting the product returns to SabRentKaro whereas the asset gets transferred to the corporate/individual at the end of the period in the case of Rent2Own.

In case you choose to foreclose the payments anytime during your tenure after the first rental is paid, you can do so without any added foreclosure charges.

You can return the product before the tenure subject to the fit for return assessment by our team, the value at which the product would be returned would be finalized by our team based on the assessment. The assessed value would be reduced from the total due from the customer against the contract.

There is no ceiling on the number of products that can be rented under this model. Subject to credit assessment of the customer we are ready to fulfil all needs of our customers.

There are multiple options to pay like, online through netbanking , cheques, escrow account, credit cards and Paytm. Customer can select the payment method from the various options availabl.

ECs and PDCs are collateral security for the payments under the R20 contract. We would use the ECs and PDCs only when the customer doesn’t pay the rentals on the due dates.

The Ownership would transfer to the customer on payment of all rentals under the contract and upon issuance of NOC/transfer certificate by us.